Hi, I'm Aaron Fox.

I love toying with computers and making (subjectively) cool stuff with them.

I'm a freshly graduated student from the University of Louisville with a bachelor's in computer engineering and computer science, and I'm currently in the midst of my Master's in CECS, planning to graduate with my MEng by May of 2021.

I'm on the never-ending journey of learning how to develop things with computers and electronics that people find useful and/or interesting. You can find some of the things I've done on my GitHub.

Want some fast facts about Aaron Fox?

  • He's kind of obsessed with chicken, sweet potatoes, and pull-ups (specifically in that order).
  • He's really passionate about The Killers, Gwen Stefani, and Hamilton.
  • He doesn't have all of his brain. Really, he had two "golf balls" removed after a baseball incident. Feel free to ask him about it sometime.

My university has treated me very well, and it continues to offer me awesome opportunities every day. Some things I've done include:


Managing projects as technology co-captain of Redbird Robotics, an organization which placed second in its first international competition.


Planning a volunteer trip to Ghana where I volunteered my C# and SQL skills to help better the mission of an NGO there.


Mentoring seventy first-year computer engineering and computer science students as a REACH ambassador.


Making some of my best friends and getting more involved in the Louisville community with the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.


Building autonomous drones to be used as a payload in a rocket for the River City Rocketry team.


Participating as a fellow in the Brown Fellows scholarship program and receiving a wonderful education in computer science and computer engineering.